• Cretan Oil and Olives
    Cretan Oil and Olives

    Genuine, extra virgin olive oil from Crete and more related to olive oil.

  • Bee Honey
    Bee Honey

    Bee honey from thyme, pine and wild flowers of Crete.

  • Herbs and Spices
    Herbs and Spices

    Herbs and spices from Crete for your everyday cuisine or for delicious, healthy herbal drinks.

  • Cretan Wines
    Cretan Wines

    Varieties of Cretan wines, some with international awards.

  • Famous Cretan
    Famous Cretan

    All the Mediterranean flavours in one place. Ready made collections of the most representative products from Crete.

  • More Crete
    More Crete

    Many more products from Crete.

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