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Vai Beach

Vai Beach

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Vai is the area which includes the large, unique in Europe, palm forest, at the end of a valley, 26 km north east of Siteia, in Crete near Cavo Sidero.

The endemic theophrasti palms ( Phoenix theophrasti) or Cretan Date Palm grow naturally here occupying an area of more than 50 acres. The name of the area, Vai, comes from vayia, the Greek word for palms.

A protected area, Vai has become one of the most popular destinations for visitors of Crete for its unique environment, the great beach and crystal clear waters.

The beach and palm forest of Vai is also fascinating for its biodiversity, as many migrating birds stop here on their voyage to and from Africa.

Camping is forbidden in Vai, as is lighting fires and any other activity which may endanger the environment, flora and fauna of the beach.

The beach is fully organised, with sun loungers, straw umbrellas and wooden walkways for easy access.