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Gramvousa Beach

Gramvousa Beach, West Crete

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Gramvousa Beach (Imeri i.e. tame) is on the islet of Gramvousa on the west tip of Crete close to more famous Balos Beach.

Access to this beach is only by boat during summer months - one hour trip - when organised boat trips are offered from Kastelli in Kissamos as part of the visit of Balos Beach.

A visit of the castle at the top of the hill is a must. A fortress built by the Venetians, used to defend he straits between Crete and south Peloponnese became a later a strong hold for the resistance in the war against Turkish occupation in the 19th century.

Be prepared to walk the steep path leading to the top of the rock at an altitude of 105m from sea level, a walk that can be strenuous in the peak of the hot summer months. However, the view is rewarding.

Set your GPS to take you to 35.608151, 23.579066